1. We use lesson time and after-school time effectively by providing students with an English-rich learning environment, maximizing opportunities to use English and boosting students' confidence in speaking English;
2. The school emphasizes learning process and outcomes. Through timely continuous assessment of students, we constantly aim for improvements;
3. By adopting a theme-based approach in our curriculum, we incorporate real life English into our classroom to allow students to use practical English and reflect reality;
4. To accommodate and prepare students for the NSS curriculum, language arts are introduced across junior forms;
5. We focus the building and consolidation of language foundation at junior levels. Productive skill is focused at senior level to prepare for public examinations..
1st Term
2nd Term
3rd Term

At junior level, we focus on the basic training and learning techniques of English language. Types of skills include speaking, writing, reading and listening. The diverse topics are designed and based on 3 principles: Consistency, Practicality and Diversity.

S4 At senior level, students focus on the use of the language and the preparation for public examinations. Examination formats are greatly emphasized in the senior curriculum. Hence topics and issues discussed in lessons are closely related to public examinations while basic skills are still practised.
Homework Policy
S1 For each module, a teaching & learning booklet is designed Assigned works for each topic There is a listening textbook. All units must be completed. 1 piece of writing for each unit/topic At least 18 dictations for the school year. There will be seen and unseen dictations throughout the school year. 8 reports every year

1 newspaper cutting assignment every two weeks

1 speaking task every two weeks

For S4 – S6, the speaking tasks are based on the past HKDSE speaking papers.


For S4 and S5, a teaching & learning module booklet is designed.

For S6, past papers of all years must be completed

Assigned work for all papers (about one unit every two weeks)

Listening exercise of each module must be completed At least 3 pieces of writing each term 8 reports every year for S4 and S5
S5 and S6 write journalfor SBA
S5 At least 3 pieces of writing each term
S6 At least 3 pieces of writing each term
1. Tests: 2 to 3 quizzes for each unit for S.1 to S.6 students. 6 form tests each year for S.6 students and 3 form tests for S.5 in the format of the HKDSE.
2. Weekend homework: Different types of homework are assigned to S.1 to S.6 students, including worksheets, textbook exercises, pre-study, newspaper cutting.
3. Holiday homework: Homework is assigned for all students for long holidays.
4. S.5 and S.6 students prepare for SBA.
5. S.3 students are trained with the past TSA examination questions and S.6 students are trained with the past HKDSE examination questions.